PSGI/P.S. Gerry, Inc. is a wonderful team of experienced reps, commercially trained in many types of contract product lines: some of our products involve technology. Other product lines that fill the needs of day to day Division 9 and 10 (products that attach to the wall. e.g. marker boards: laminate, porcelain-magnetic, glass boards for patient room information and signs, wellness cards, adapt to any manufacturers wireless clock movement, cork tackable bulletin boards, magazine racks, wall attached work stations).

Our team relationships span corporate/education/healthcare/multi family/hospitality/independent senior living, retail store planners, shopping malls, training centers, bowling alleys, and GSA officer clubs and clinics globally. We share a common mission amongst us: to provide the most affordable product that will meet the current and future needs of our customer base. Our priority is to first offer products that are made in America. If they are produced elsewhere, they will be “root level” (the mill or base source), at the best quality and at the best price point. Secondly, they have some recycled material in the product, and third, that the product performs well under heavy use. If we provide custom products, they must be performance tested. We enjoy developing new products with specifier’s and facilities teams.

Please locate us, and request an appointment, so we can assist you with your projects.