• Providing Smart Product Options

  • Smart room acoustic solutions

  • Venue Industrie’s Dutchess wing back chairs

  • Small wall elements: Nappatile Art collection New 2016!

  • Mid Century Modern clock, Peter Pepper re-launched a smart design

  • Venue Industries Mid-Century Modern lounge arm chair: Best in Show: Nashville 2016

  • VENUE Ceiling Elements: Finishes a space

    Our design, or yours, acrylics, metals, wood, acoustic materials pick it.

  • Venue Industries V-Forms Ceiling Elements Create your clients’ finished look

  • Venue Industries Installation with V-Forms elements

  • Nappatile Terrane

Welcome to PSGI/ P.S. Gerry, Inc.


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P.S. Gerry, Inc. is an established representatives group bringing technical,  niche products that span many commercial, educational, corporate, healthcare, hospitality and retail environments.  From wireless clocks, emergency warning systems, home theatre, proprietary art,  signage, store fixture seating or shopping mall ceiling detail fixtures, Divisions 9, 10 contractor needs, our offerings are endless.