About Our rep team: The relationships

PSGI/ P.S. Gerry, Inc. rep coverage of contracted lines, includes the following associates:

Angela Hinner: e: angela@thinkft.com, c: 512-632-3250, covers the central and south Texas regions for us with specific manufacturers. Her experience as an independent manufacturer’s rep, a dealership salesperson, and former facilities manager has connected her to many different markets. Corporate, Healthcare, GSA, Education to mention a few.

Tim Gandre: e: tgandre@tg-alliance.com, c: 281-635-6892, covers the Houston area, and parts of the valley for us representing specific manufacturers. Tim and Pat have worked as business associates for decades. Tim holds the contract for Moduform/ Adden Furniture, which PSGI/ P.S. Gerry,Inc. reps on his behalf.

Resa Anaya: e: resa@yourenvisionedspace.com, c: 505-288-1057. Resa covers El Paso and New Mexico for us representing Baltix Sustainable Furniture & Venue Industries, along with her own company package. Resa’s experience spans almost 2 decades, including working in the top commercial furniture dealerships.

Pat Gerry Wilson: Principal and owner: e:pat@psgerry.com, c: 432-352-4630, covers all territory as identified by each of our contracted lines. Her focus is developing new markets for business, working with Stacia D. Pease LEED AP, on rebranding our company image, and educating interior design students, and our clients on the values of using our contracted products.

Cathy Gerry: Ambassador to PSGI/P.S. Gerry, Inc. Recently coming out of retirement, to work with our company, Cathy is supporting and attending our professional associations events and fundraisers. Lending influence to our future customer base of the importance working hard and respecting coworkers.

Stacia D. Pease LEED AP, Associate Partner e: stacia@psgerry.com , c: 817-808-1835. PSGI/P.S. Gerry’s Associate Partner. Stacia’s experience in the industry includes sales for McGraw Hill publishing, Steelcase contracted representative, and Staples Business Advantage. She recently stepped down as Chairperson for the North Texas Chapter of USGBC Council but continues to be very active. Stacia is also heavily involved with the Regional MetroCon Trade show. Stacia is considered our Sustainability rep for all contracted lines, and assists Pat with all areas of our contracted territory.