Mr. S. Doug McAlister, LEED AP, has joined team PSGI/P.S. Gerry, Inc. He comes with more than thirty years of industry experience. Design, sales and marketing, and project/account management. Doug will be covering accounts in the Dallas/Ft. Worth market, McKinney and East Texas.

His email:, cell: 214-212-1032. Please contact him with any information or quote requests for his market.

PSGI/P.S. Gerry, Inc. members apply to the Dallas Rotary Club

Doug McAlister, LEED AP, new Associate, PSGI/P.S.Gerry, Inc.

Our team has signed all applications for PSGI members to become members of the Dallas Rotary Club (#37 in the United States)! We are excited to hear the members response. Fingers crossed!

PSGI/P.S. Gerry, Inc. signs sponsorship and booth space for MetroCon 2019

Doug McAlister, LEED AP, new Associate, PSGI/P.S.Gerry, Inc.

PSGI has reserved their booth spaces, and sponsorship TODAY for this year’s MetroCon: We are very anxious to support the team of Ambassadors, and volunteers that put this regional trade show together! Look forward to seeing some changes in layouts and programs!

Interested rep firms and manufacturers interested in strengthening the participation and results show, please contact and support the next meeting!!

Galeria De Madrid Joins PSGI/P.S. Gerry, Inc.’s package of Lines

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Former graduate from Texas Tech University, Lee Madrid has contracted PSGI/P.S. Gerry, Inc. to represent him in their marketplace! Lee was from the Lubbock area. He painted the mural on the building for the Funky Door restaurant & Bar. His work passion has been to paint a message with a cause. Lee has worked with non profits like AARP, Hospitals, Senior Living,restaurants needing an eye-catching Murals to draw in their clients into the space.

Lee’s culture includes native American, and New Mexican influences. He’s willing to promote by mural different cultures that are affected by either political cause, and SHARING Positive Americana influence.

Please contact us at Pat G Wilson at:, to set an appointment to meet this artist for your projects!

Portraits by Lee Madrid

Metrocon Committee : The Existing great Volunteers from 2018

We all sometimes FORGET, it takes a team of passion for our industry, to build a trade show, and accept any changes from ‘the new kids’. These folks keep DALLAS on the map for Residential and Commercial. Please remember to send a note to Metrocon 2019, and let them know how much you appreciate them!

Volunteers redesigning MetroCon Dallas program Jan 17 2019

Please join us from 12:00 noon to 1 or 1:30 this coming Thursday for lunch at Zephyrs Bakery & Bistro, on Cedar Springs Road and Throckmorton. PLEASE RSVP to, or to help establish seating at the restaurant for all of you. If you are a designer, bring your associates as well for input. If you are a dealer or rep: please join us, and appoint someone in your firm that we can keep the communications going with your company!

EVERYONE attending has ideas to input about making MetroCon a better show, with more attendants, interaction, entertainment, competitions, and furthering the sharing of making MetroCon a show everyone wants to attend.

IDEAS: Think out your comfort zone. Area showroom and factory tours? New ways of displaying products? Presenter training?
The sky is only as far away as your imagination will allow.

Lunch is dutch treat, and some of the best in the area! Feel free to contact either of us for questions!

SEE YOU JAN 17 2019 at Zephyrs’for lunch!

Upcoming trade show: MetroCon: Are you going? We are!

Students, designers, architects, dealers: Come join us! MetroCon is a great local event! Providing CEU’s, great product *yes, our lines will be showing, and fun productive time well spent! Register on line to attend for FREE NOW.
CEU’s are a blanket price: $95.00.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

THE PSGI. S. Gerry, Inc. team!

Wallskapes by Paula Lynch

Offering to transpose art onto walls, sketches of a special pet, or pediatrics theme for home, school or hospital.

We work with the designer to interpret their theme into the wall space. Quoted by scope of the project. Contact us for an appointment. e:

PSGI/P.S.Gerry, Inc. team heads to Chicago Neocon 50 today

Celebrating 50 years of commercial furnishings trade shows, Neocon 2018 is sure to be a great one! If you are attending this trade show, and wish to contact Stacia D. Pease *817-808-1835 is her cell. Some of our manufacturers are not showing at this event, but the ‘owners’ are there to meet & greet you.

Our team will be there until Monday at 5. Enjoy the show!

PSGI/P.S. Gerry, Inc. honors 9-1-1 Keeping Dallas Safe

May 17, 2018: At a special event today honoring the City of Dallas Police Department, and their 9-1-1 dispatch center, PSGI/P.S.Gerry, Inc. was recognized as a large donor of furnishings offered to the special project known as their decompression room. Furnishings were provided by PSGI/P.S. Gerry, Inc. vendors: Venue Industries (Tampa, Fla), Concertex Textiles, and Peter Pepper Products. Additional new furnishings were also donated by Allied Interiors of Dallas.

John Forest, RID, and USGBC member, tirelessly orchestrated this project. The project evolved from a long time ‘dream request’ by police officers on long duty hours, to have a quiet place to rest, or wind down after traumatic events. Thanks to some financial donations, and long hours of labor provided by the Rotary Club of Dallas, and city employees, the “Safer Dallas/Better Dallas” project came to fruition.

P.S. Gerry, Inc. sponsor for IIDA DALLAS Chapter: Lavish



What a great team!   Pre brief pedicures, motivated, and award for most innovative booth!


#Proud our Lavish Booth & IdGroup!! #Proud to be a sponsor!  Thanks Concertex Textiles for allowing the use of our samples for auctionable pillows!!