Based out of Grand Rapids, Michigan: Raspberry Med has educated the healthcare and educational clients with innovative ” attached to the wall” modular working and healthcare products. “working wall stations” combining medical or educational electronic charting, clocks, tack boards, marker boards, artwork combined with signage and desks into one single package with many options. Encased in steel modular framework? see Concert ( . Or frameless with the warmth of wood tones in laminate (healthcare grade, durable and sustainable): Encore.

Embracing all traffic work, student, staff, or client waiting areas with wall mounted technology storage. For Medical, Corporate, Educational, Transitional staff, even office building lobbies, Raspberry Med’s Concert, Encore , and Ovation products keep the practical moment to moment needs in mind: clocks, portable desk spaces, medical or educational reporting, communications with art, writing surfaces, tackable surfaces that are lifestyle health cleanable, signage with charting, backlit wall mounted desking units, with design work surface option materials.

Lyric glass boards bring attention to the above markets, and the classrooms and training rooms. Magnetic, with rare earth friendly magnets, many sizes, different colors available. Creative applications include signage, and patient room wellness cards in glass, and Communications boards, with a slotted side to allow for ever changing patient room, class room or training room needs. Cost effective for the markets, long warranties, even durable for the hotel and hospitality industry!

Raspberry Med’s product primary focus has been to help in the healing process for the patient, or clinical application. Keeping in mind, the constant changes in medical treatment, staffing workspaces many times are transitional. Yet, they are still: open minded and applicable to many other markets. Continuing new innovative products on their “to-do” list.

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